Identify Audio Handsets

Note: A number of manufacturers use Urmet handsets as OEM products. These handsets may have been modified and cannot be replaced by standard Urmet equipment. If either the entry panel or the power supply does not say "Urmet" then you should check with Technical Support.

It is impossible to identify Urmet handsets without the terminal numbers.

If in doubt please take a number of pictures of the inside and outside of the handset, plus any details of the entrance panal type and power supply type and email to:

To Identify Audio Handsets....Please check the terminal numbers in your existing handset against the following guide:

(Note they may not be in the same order as shown)

Old handset version Term
Current  replacement version
1131 & 1131/1



1132 & 1132/1


1133 & 1133/1




1138 & 1138/2

CA,FA,FB,0V 1138/3

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1156-10, 1105-2, 1105-3 and 1158-46...


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